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Dr. Dilip Sarkar
M.A. (English), PhD

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Welcome to the Maharaja Bir Bikram College website!

Whether you are a student, parent, staff member or you are from the wider community I hope that this website will give you an insight into the many great things that are happening in our college, a visual treat as well as an academic pantheon. This abode of higher education has been transmitting knowledge relentlessly and sincerely to generation after generation over the decades and we are committed to fulfil the motto of the college "विद्ययामृतमश्नुते" i.e "Knowledge is the Key to Immortality".

At M.B.B College, the most ancient and the most reputed college of the state, students continually endeavour to contribute to their social, cultural and academic outcomes and to their education and training; they strive for excellence in all they undertake. When you walk the hallowed corridors and learning areas of the college there is an atmosphere of purpose, of industry and of achievement.

Our academic standards continue to improve year on year and the curriculum we offer is designed to engage and inspire young people, providing them with the necessary skills to flourish in what is an ever-changing world. To complement this we provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enrich both their academic and social lives.

This college has a team of creditably experienced faculty to groom every student. The faculty has a expertise not only in academics but are also seen involved in various other philanthropic forms which clearly indicates a perfect blend in imparting multifaceted education in fine art.

Our popularity with parents has never been higher, a full to the brim college is testament to their belief in what we are doing and the exciting future we have in front of us.

We believe that M.B.B College must play a crucial part in developing citizens of the future- well educated, well rounded, critically reflective and wise global citizens – the new "Globosapiens". I feel privileged to lead such a wonderfully dynamic college that offers our pupils enormous opportunities.

I look forward to working with you to ensure the best for your.

Principal's Profile
Modern English Drama
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Seminar Presentations
Presented a paper entitled "Gaps Unbridgable - A Study of Nazrul & Tagore in Translation" in the 3 Day Workshop and National Seminar on "Translation: Lending Audibility/ Bridging the Gap' jointly organised by the Department of English, Tripura University and Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore during 16-18 February, 2009.
Seminar/Workshop/Symposium attended
  1. Participated in 3 Day Workshop and National Seminar on "Translation: Lending Audibility/ Bridging the Gap' jointly organised by the Department of English, Tripura University and Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore during 16-18 February 2009.
  2. Participated in U.G.C. Workshop on "Linguistics, Phonetics and Communicative English" held form 09.08.1999 to 21.08.1999 held in Maharaja Bir Bikram College, Agartala.
  3. Participated in the National Conference on "New Directions for Language and LIterature Studies"held on 28-29 November 2003 at Jorasanko Campus, Rabindra Bharati Univeristy, Kolkata.
  4. Completed a course on "Increasing Quality in Higher Education and Vocational Education and Vocationalisation of Higher Education" at State Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development, A.D. Nagar, Agartala and sponsored by Planning and Coordination Department during 8th - 10th November 2006.
  5. Participated in the National Seminar on "Capacity Building of Student in Higher Education with Special Reference to Tribal Students in Tripura" organised by Maharaja Bir Bikram College, Agartala in collaboration with Tribal Research Institute, Govt. of Tripura held during 16-17 November 2010.
  6. Participated as a Resource Person in the Technical Session on Ädministrative Challenges to the Good Governance"in the two days State Level Seminar titled "Good Governance in Tripura: Issues and Prospects"organized by Dasaratha Deb Memorial College, Khowai on 7-8 December 2012.
  7. Chaired Technical Session-III in the UGC-Sponsored National Seminar on "Sharing Commonwealth Experience" organised by Department of English, Govt. Degree College, Khumulwng in collaboration with TTAADC, Khumulwng on the 12-13 July 2013.
  8. Participated in the conference on "Restructuring & Privatization of Higher Education in India: Inclusiveness & Access"from 19th to 21st November 2010 conducted at the North Maharashtra Univeristy, Jalgaon and organised by the North Maharashtra University & College Teachers Organization (NMUCTO), Jalgoan.
  9. Attnded a course on "Effective Communication Skills" conducted by the British Council during 7-11 December 2009.
Orientation/Refresher/Teachers Training Programme participated
  1. Attended U.G.C. sponsored Third Three Week Refresher Course in English held form August 16 to September 05, 1996 at Academic Staff College, Univeristy of Burdwan, West Bengal.
  2. Attended U.G.C. sposored Sixth Three Week Refresher Course in English held from August 26 to September 15, 1998 at Academic Staff College, University of Burdwan, West Bengal.
  3. Attended Orientation Programme for College Principals of North Eastern Region on Planning and Management of Higher Education Institutions organised by NUEPA, New Delhi during June 16-20 2014 at NEHU, Shillong.
Area of interest
Modern English Drama, Romantic Poetry,Literary Theories
Completed U.G.C. sponsored Minor Resarch Project on "A Study on the problems & prospects of communication English in North Eastern States specially in Tripura".
Supervision of Research
  1. Supervised Dr. Chandan Saha for his Ph.D. (English) dissertation-Recusting the Realistic Tradition in Modern English Drama: A Study of George Bernard Shaw and John Galsworthy, awarded fromSinghania University, Rajasthan.
  2. Guided Sri Bibhas Brata Dutta for his M.Phil. (English) dissertation entitled "Ernest Hemingway's Personal Life - An Artistic Reflection in His Writings" submittted to Vinayaka Missions University, Salem in December 2008.
  3. Guided Sri Animesh Acharya for his M.Phil. (English) dissertation entitled "A Feminist View of Select Novels of Jane Austen" submitted to Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
  4. Guided Ms. Sarmistha Chaudhuri for her M.Phil. (English) dissertation entitled "A new approach to Womanhood and Social Setting: A critical study of the novels of Jane Austen" submitted to Vinayaka Missions Univeristy, Salem in June 2008.
  5. Guided Mr. Pranab Bhattacharjee for his M.Phil. (English) dissertation entitled "Social Perspective in Indo-Anglian Poetry - A Critical Study of the Poems of Nissim Ezekiel, Attipat Krishna Swami Ramanujan, Shiv K. Kumar & Keki Nasserwanji Daruwalla" submitted to Vinayaka Missions Univeristy, Salem in June 2008.
  6. Guided Ms. Pousali Dey for her M.Phil. (English) dissertation entitled "Curx of the Marginalized Society and Protest with Special Reference to Gandhian Philosophy: A Critical Study of the Novels of Mulk Raj Anand" submitted to The Global Open Univeristy, Nagaland in June 2008.
  7. Guided Ms. Debasree Dhar for her M.Phil. (English) dissertation entitled "D.H. Lawrence: A new Approach to Human Relationship" submitted to Vinayaka Missions Univeristy, Salem in December 2007.
  8. Guided Ms. Anindita Das for her M.Phil. (English) dissertation entitled "Feminism in Kamala Das" submitted to Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
  9. Guided Mr. Chandan Saha for his M.Phil. (English) dissertation entitled "Realism in the select plays of George Bernard Shaw" submitted to Madurai Kamaraj Univeristy in February 2007.
Membership in different Organizations
  1. General Secretary, Tripura College Teachers' Association
  2. Member, AIFUCTO
  3. Member, Board of Management, The ICFAI Univerisity, Tripura.

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