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About the MBB College Alumni Association
The idea of forming an association of past MBB students emerged from the desire of having fellowship and to create an emotional bond with the college where, we, as the students spent the important years of our lives. It was at the MBB Campus that we were moulded to take on the challenge of the real world. The contribution of HL campus has contributed a lot in shaping our lives at both – personal and professional levels. At that moment, a thought emerged to serve not only the alma mater, but also to society at large and these sentiments led the foundation of MBB College Alumni Association in....
The philosophy for founding the Association was to be a self-sufficient association of professionals through Life Membership Fees and revenues generated from the various programmes organized by the Association. As a policy matter, Association does not collect donations except in exceptional situations.
The main objective of the Association is to develop and strengthen a feeling of fraternity amongst its members and the Alumni / present students of the institutions on MBB campus. The other objectives of the Association are:
  1. To inculcate the values of the Alumni and its responsibility towards the society
  2. To form a link between its members, institutions on mbb campus and their fresh graduates, present students on campus and the representatives of various professional bodies and associations.
  3. To carry out research, to undertake non-commercial projects in order to enrich the knowledge of its members, its current students of MBB Campus and to address those socially relevant issues with non-commercial approach.
  4. To co-operate with and / or affiliate with other associations doing similar work in India or in other countries
  5. To organize short duration courses of continuous education in various disciplines for the alumni members and the students studying at various institutions on MBB campus.
  6. To organize workshops, seminars, group discussions etc. on various topics.
  7. To set up and maintain an infrastructure for the betterment of the colleges and its alumni by providing information and services including placement cells etc.
Executive Committee
PresidentSri. Tripurendra Mohon Ganguly
Vice-PresidentDr.Debabrata Debroy
SecretaryDr. Soma Datta
Assistant SecretarySri. Surajit Sen
TreasurerSri. Tamal Pal
  1. Sri. Birendra Bhattacharjee
  2. Sri. Dhruba Kishore Debbarma
  3. Dr. Jahar Lal Saha
  4. Sri. Dilip Datta Gupta
  5. Dr. Narayan Bhattacharjee
  6. Dr. Amitava Debray
  7. Dr. Ashes Gupta
  8. Dr. Pradip De
  9. Sri Mukut Debbarma
  10. Sri Samarendra Nath Mukherjee
  11. Sri Khitish Bhattacharjee
  12. Sri Subimal Ray
  13. Sri Subhash Das
  14. Smt. Manidipa Debbarma
  15. Smt. Jana Rana Bhattacharjee
  16. Smt. Sobha Debbarma
  17. Smt.Suili Roy
  18. Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee
  19. Sri. Shyamal Chakraborty
  20. Dr. Prasanta Chakraborty
  21. Smt. Puspita Chakraborty
  22. Dr. Sekharesh Bhattacharjee
  23. Sri Raju Saha
  24. Sri Prantosh Karmakar
  25. Sri Narayan Ch. Deb
  26. Sri. Mridul Das
  27. Dr. Utpal De
  28. Dr. Sudhan Debnath
  29. Dr. Ashish Mitra
  30. Dr. Sumita Bhttacharjee
  31. Sri. Kalipada Adhikari
  32. Sri.Rupajit Das
  33. Dr. Umasankar Roy
  34. Dr. Dipankar De
  35. Dr. Arpita Acharya
  36. Sri Sunil Shil
  37. Dr. Gautam Saha
  38. Sri. Ashish Chowdhury
  39. Sri. Nandu Kumar Pannikar
  40. Sri. Sayan Saha
  41. Dr. Dilip Sarkar
  42. Smt. Gayatri Chowdhury
  43. Smt. Jaya Bhowmik
  44. Sri. Ashish Rn.Das





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