Maharaja Bir Bikram College - Administration - Principal
Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishor Manikya Bahadur
The last king of Tripura

19 August 1908 – 17 May 1947
About the College
Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishor Manikya Bahadur, the last illustrious king of Tripura was the architect and founder of this pioneering institution of higher learning in the state which was established in the year 1947. Affiliated with the University of Calcutta, the college, since its inception, has maintained a high standard of academic excellence establishing itself as one of the prominent members of the Calcutta University family. The college, which once served as the nucleus of the states own university as a center of Post-Graduate teaching, is now affiliated with the Tripura University.

The sprawling college campus is spread over an area of 234 acres with lush green fields bordered with exotic varieties of trees and winding lakes haunted by migratory birds in winter. The river Howrah flows along its southeast periphery and distant hill ranges form a bluish-green backdrop to the scenery. The sylvan landscape weaves a magic spell upon the visitor on his/her first encounter with the campus. Amidst these bounties of nature stands the imposing main college building, a fine specimen of Mughal architectural style designed by late Maharaja himself. On the whole, the college campus forms a major tourist attraction.

The many faculties with dedicated staff and students, the rich library with its vast collection of books and journals, the well-equipped laboratories, amenities and opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and above all, its uninterrupted tradition of over half a century as center of higher learning have earned this premier college of North-East its present fame.

The motto of the college, culled from the treasure house of the Upanishadas is Vidayamrtamasnute (Knowledge is the key to immortality). This premier institution has been perennially striving to keep up to this motto by imparting and disseminating knowledge to the young minds.





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