IGNOU - Maharaja Bir Bikram College - Study Centre 2608

Guidelines regarding Writing and Submission of IGNOU Assignments
  1. The students are hereby asked to submit the assignment only during IGNOU Office Timing of Study Centre (Sunday & Second Saturday, 10 AM - 4 PM).
  2. The assignment(s) are to be submitted on time as per dates given by SR&E Division (Delhi). Generally for January session last date of submission is 31st March and for July session last date of submission is 30th September.
  3. Late submission will not be accepted on any account.
  4. After evaluation students can get them back from the Study Centre within five months from the date of submission. Study Centre does not take any responsibility thereafter.
  5. Students should do the assignment work from home, not during the practical / theory sessions.
  6. Assignments should be hand written only; no typed assignments will be accepted.
  7. Handwriting should be written neatly and readable.
  8. Paper Size should be same.
  9. Use any one color ink pen. Do not use 'RED' ink pen.
  10. The assignments are to be submitted in Course wise attached in a Card Board / Spiral binding File only.
  11. Do not submit assignments in Digital Format (Word documents, pdf, spreadsheets, .gif's, .jpeg's, etc.)
  12. The assignment should have the following details:
    1. Name of the Student
    2. Enrollment number
    3. Programme Title & Code
    4. Course Tile & Code
    5. Date of submission
    6. Signature
  13. Attach "Acknowledgment Receipt Copy" (Supplied by Study Centre on time of submission) along with the assignments.
  14. Get back Acknowledgement / Receipt while submitting your assignments.
  15. Attach Photocopy of the Question Paper along with the assignment.
  16. "Use of UNFAIR means / COPYING Assignments" are NOT Allowed.
If the above instructions are not followed your assignments will be rejected and you will be entitled to get '00' marks.