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B.A. History Programme Specific Outcomes

We live in the present and plan for the future which has its own need and facilities, History surrounds us, it never let's one to forget our past easily. The subject is often utilized according to one's perspective and we realize that past is still alive and exists, giving a direction to the present.

The History Programme enables the students to develop a better understanding of the world they are living in. They get to know how the society, governments and technology worked and why was there a need for change, and how the approach to future may be navigated. As they go through the all inclusive syllabus they get to know if the historical events and trends, how the nation-states came into existence, the heritage and the culture of the region over the past centuries, also understand the immigration pattern and can develop a sense of appreciation for the present day. They evolve as better decision makers, understands the need for changes, and hence learn to examine and interpret transformations of society and civilizations which enables them to understand the relationships between nations, societies, and human beings.

Students can avail good opportunities to work in the field of archeology, education and research.

Pares Debnath
Assistant Professor
Anindita Roy ( Bhattacharjee )
Postgraduate Teacher
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