MBB College
General information
Established in1947
Courses OfferedHonours & General
HODDr. Saikat Das Sharma
Associate Professors2
Paper Presentations18
Books / Book Chapters2
OC, RC & FDP19
Assistant Professors1
Postgraduate Teachers0
Guest Lecturers0
Brief Profile of the Department

1. Names of Programmes: (i) B .Sc (Honours & General)

(ii) Integrated Master Degree (IMD) (Since 2020-21)

2. Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization:

i) Dr. Asish Mitra, Associate Professor, PhD (Specialization: Analytical


ii) Dr. Pradip Debnath, Associate Professor, PhD, NET (CSIR-JRF)

(Specialization: Organic Chemistry)

iii) Dr. Saikat Das Sharma, Assistant Professor, PhD, NET (CSIR-JRF)

(Specialization: Organic Chemistry)

iv) Dr. Biplab Ghosh, Associate Professor, PhD, NET (CSIR-JRF)

(Specialization: Organic Chemistry)

3. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff:

i) Sri Nirmal Debnath, Group-D

ii) Smt Jhumur Roy Choudhuri,Group-D

4. Details of Infrastructural facilities

a) Library: The Department has its own library with 263 no. of books.

b) Number of class rooms: 3 numbers

(Besides, department has 1 no. of instrument room, 2 nos.of balance room

and 1 no. of store room)

c) Class rooms with ICT facility: One ICT enabled class room is available.

d) Number of laboratories: 4 nos. (including 1 no. research lab)

5. Use of Supplementary Teaching tools and Application of ICT:

• Learing through ICT enabled class room

• Learing through Chemical models

• Special lectures/classes

• Seminar

• Assignments

• Viva-voce

• Hands-on experiment

Programme Outcome (POs):

Chemistry plays a pivotal role for understanding the natural world from any perspective and also imparts the understanding of substances, their inter conversions and the making of materials for the benefit of humans. Chemistry utilizes the natural substances and creates artificial ones. This applied science is being explored to understand the behavior of living organisms and to develop new drug molecules for alleviating the complex diseases in diversified manner.

The undergraduate B.Sc. (Honours and General) programme in Chemistry enables the students:

PO-1: To understand the fundamental chemical theories and their applications.

PO-2: To become familiar with the different branches of Chemistry like

Organic, Inorganic, Physical, Analytical, Environmental, Industrial,

Biochemistry etc.

PO-3: To acquire critical thinking skill, analytical skill, problem solving skill and

data analysis skill.

PO-4: To develop the ability to design, synthesize, separate and characterize

the compounds.

PO-5: To understand the cause of environmental pollution like air pollution,

water pollution, soil pollution etc in molecular level.

PO-6: To understand the role of Chemistry to combat differential environmental

pollution issues and how to develop sustainable world.

PO-7: To inculcate planning and exploration of scientific ideas and research

oriented skill among the students.

PO-8: To explore the knowledge how computer may be useful in solving

chemical problems.

PO-9: To make the students efficient enough to work in chemical industry and

scientific laboratories in time bound manner.

PO-10: To develop scientific temperament, motivation an desire for applying

knowledge of chemical science for the welfare of the society

Dr. Saikat Das Sharma
Assistant Professor
Dr. Asish Mitra
Associate Professor
Dr. Biplab Ghosh
Associate Professor
Strength of the Department

Strengths of the Department:

1) Well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members. All of them are

having Ph.D. degree.

2) Direct mentoring of students by the faculty members is a regular practice of

the department to solve their academic and personal problems.

3) One class rooms with ICT facility and three big laboratories for students are


4) One research laboratory, one instrument room are also available.

5) A departmental library with good no. of text and reference books are


6) This department has a long tradition of nurturing the personal life skill of the


7) Faculty members undergo Orientation and Refresher courses at regular

interval to keep themselves updated with the modern trend of Chemical


8) All the faculty members have very good research exposure.

9) Academic results of the students are very good. Almost each batch of the

students is credited with University toppers.

10) A large no. of students gets admitted in M.Sc. programme.

11) Department is successfully running Integrated Master Degree programme

(IMD) of MBB University.

Weakness of the Department

Weaknesses of the Department:

1) Shortage of permanent faculty members

2) Insufficient no. of non-teaching staffs (Laboratory Assistant, Laboratory

attendant and Storekeeper)

3) Inadequate no. of Smart Class rooms

4) Number of volumes and journals in the departmental library need to be


5) More effort is needed to get funding for research projects to strengthen the

research activity of the department

6) Communication skills of students need to be improved